Radiology / Imaging

The Machakos Hospital has t up to date imaging department with an Advanced 3 Tesla Digital MRI and 128 Slice CT Scan along with diagnostic X-ray for general and fluoroscopy use, mammogram, ultrasound and OPG equipments. The radiology branch is operated by highly skilled and experienced specialist called as Radiologist who infers the clinical pictures of the patients and Radiographers are in charge for obtaining images from the imaging devices.

Key Procedures

  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)It is one of the non invasive procedures that are prescribed by the doctors to diagnose and treat serious medical condition. It uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves and a computer to generate quality images of body parts that shows the affected region. It is simple and does not engross the use of ionizing radiation and hence no health hazards. The Patients with pace makers, metal implants or metal chips or clips in or around the eyes are not suitable for MRI as the consequence of the magnetic waves is harmful. Brain scan that is performed by MRI gives out the exact location of the tumor and helps in proper management by the doctors.
  • Computed Tomography (CT)It is an imaging technique that is done to locate the tumors or other medical deformities that is prescribed by the doctors to evaluate and treat medical problems. The images are obtained with CT are accurate and provides cross sectional pictures that is useful to locate the problem precisely. It is even called as ‘Computerized Axial Tomography’ and it uses X-ray radiations to obtain the images.
  • UltrasoundIt is used to obtain pictures of the organs present in the abdomen, heart, arteries and veins. It makes use of sound waves to visualize the images and it is mainly used to scan the fetus in women.
  • ObstetricsIt mainly rely on the imaging by Ultrasound or Sonography as it guides for pregnancy and child birth. It gives perfect illustrations of fetus and the uterus by Trans vaginal and Trans abdominal scans.
  • MammographyIt is an imaging technique to find out breast malignancies in the early stages even without the patients showing any symptoms. It a non – invasive process which use low dose of ionizing radiation to scan the breast and it also identify the breast cancer in later stages were the patients has lump, swelling, and discharge from the nipple.
  • General X-RayIt is one of the frequently used imaging technique that is been used for over several years to look within the body parts without making any cut. It is mostly used to see the fractures on the bones but it can also detect pneumonia by taking chest X-rays.
  • Barium meal and swallowIt is used to summarize and diagnose the disease and disorders of the upper parts of the gut especially Esophagus, stomach and the small intestines. In barium swallow trouble in Esophagus is identified by drinking the liquid and X-ray pictures are taken. In barium meal the patient is asked to drink the liquid and then lies on the bed and X-ray is taken to find out the problem. It used to identify stomach and duodenum disease.
  • Barium enemaIt is a procedure that is used to see the problems in the lower intestinal tract. The barium solution is dispensed into the rectum through the enema process and the images are taken.
  • FluoroscopyIt is used to notice the organs in motion. The X-ray images are taken constantly so that clear view of the organs is obtained.
  • Dental X-Ray and OPGIt is specially designed test to look the problems in the lower and upper Jaw consisting of teeth. The X-ray is different from the normal one as it provides wider view of the target. It also helps in viewing the Jaw bone and its problems. It helps the dentist to plan the Orthodontic management especially for wisdom teeth and for other teeth’s and bones.
  • General (Abdominal, Pelvic)
  • Intracavity
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