HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care

The Machakos Hospital  HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Progral has been provides information, treatment and care for people with HIV/AIDS

Through a multi-disciplinary team of specialists, patients receive the most comprehensive care possible. Our goal is to offer all our patients expert, compassionate care in a confidential and welcoming environment.


Clinic Services

  • Comprehensive management of HIV disease
  • Specialized nursing care
  • Psychiatry and health psychology
  • Individualized nutrition management
  • Access to clinical trials/experimental treatments
  • In-clinic pharmacist consultation
  • Treatment readiness/adherence counseling
  • Benefits consultation and management
  • Patient education and support programs
  • Referrals to specialty clinics


The Machakos Hospital HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Program seeks to:

  • Provide specialized, comprehensive health care to people living with HIV/AIDS, regardless of ability to pay.
  • Conduct and support research that advances the standards of care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Support health care programs and providers in the delivery of high-quality HIV/AIDS care by providing expert consultation and education.
Visiting Hours

Morning: 11.00AM -2.00PM

Evening: 04.00PM – 8.00PM