Intensive Care and Critical Care

The Machakos Level 5 Hospital ICU nurses and doctors undergo ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) regularly to keep abreast with the latest evidence based practice. The nurse to patient ratio is 1:1, there is a monitor by the bedside of each patient to monitor their vital signs and a central monitor at the nurse’s desk that indicates the reading of all the monitors by the patient’s bed. This ensures that the patients are well monitored. A holistic approach in care is given to the patients admitted in ICU to take care of all the psychological, physical and mental aspects of the patients.

The unit is manned 24 hours by ICU trained staff. The nurses in the ICU are trained to provide multi-dimensional care for patients to ensure a quick recovery.The ICU is equipped with all safety standards and measures to minimize infection risks and prevent spread of contagious diseases.

Visiting Hours

Morning: 11.00AM -2.00PM

Evening: 04.00PM – 8.00PM