How to Access Services

For accident and acute emergencies the hospital has an Accident and Emergency (A&E) centre which is accessed via a dedicated gate along Wote Road.  Click Here to Get Directions

All acute emergencies should present directly to the emergency department where they will be attended to. The emergency department is open at all times (24hrs service)

Examples of acute emergencies include the following but not limited to them.

  • Trauma – injury of any kind resulting from accidents e.g. Road traffic accident, burns, physical assault
  • Poisoning
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Severe sudden abdominal pain

These services are accessed through the OPD department which has a customer care desk that is the first point of contact with clients. Advice on what is client obligation and where a client is to proceed to, depending on services sought after, will be issued at this desk.

The first step is the client to register and be issued with a card indicating a valid registration number. The card is issued at the OPD at a nominal fee. Advice will then be given on how to proceed to the relevant consultation room or department.

Direction will be given to clients seeking services other than clinical care such as:

  • P3 forms signing
  • Post-mortem requests
  • Sexual assault notification
  • Medical examination
  • Public health certification